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Captil pic sqaureUSDB and the Legislature

USDB has received strong support from the Utah Legislature for more than 100 years. We appreciate their support! Utah’s School for the Deaf has the #1 rating for deaf high school students nationwide. Utah’s School for the Blind is a leader in education for the visually impaired. USB’s experts share their best practices with teachers from across the country and around the world. We couldn’t achieve all that we do for our students, without the legislature’s support. Thank You to Utah’s Senate and House of Representatives!

2019 Requests:

  1. A. This year USDB will be requesting new funding to serve additional students in Utah.  Three Utah districts, which have previously funded support to deaf and blind children, are now asking USDB to provide those resources and services. The three districts are  Washington, Canyons, and Nebo. We are grateful to them for their faith in USDB and if funding is approved by the State of Utah, we will be honored to serve their students.
  2. B. Due to increased construction costs, the Utah Division of Facilities and Construction Management will also be asking for additional funds to build the new USDB campus in Springville, Utah.  DFCM manages these projects and estimates on costs have changed from the time of approval, to the time of completion.

For those of you who like to keep an eye on the legislative session, here is the Utah Schools webpage with information: https://schools.utah.gov/policy/legislativesession

We also track bills related to education. That page will be updated daily and can be found here: https://schools.utah.gov/file/55834bdd-d61c-4c12-ae8c-a10c671eea47



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