Deaf PowerSchool User Group


A PowerSchool User Group (PSUG) is an official support group of schools that use PowerSchool and its products. The Deaf Schools PowerSchool User Group (Deaf PSUG) is a support group of Deaf Schools/Programs across North America focusing on the unique need of schools/programs that serve deaf and hard of hearing students, many of which that use ASL.


Deaf PSUG members can connect with each other directly and through our forum. We also plan to have quarterly Zoom Roundtables to share ideas, questions, and needs with each other.


By sharing your contact information, you agree to be contacted by other group members. Submit your contact information through the form and it will be added by moderators.

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Deaf PSUG contacts: Michelle Tanner and Nathan Harrison


Our forum is through a discussion board to allow us to save shared ideas for future members. Please join below.



We will be hosting quarterly Roundtables by Zoom. Come join in! If you have suggestions for topics, we’d love your request or your willingness to share!

Next Roundtable: April 12, 2023 @ 12:00 – 1:00 PM (Mountain Time) by Zoom


  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Big Topic:
  • Breakout Spaces for Questions/Sharing

Future Roundtables:


Use the links below to shared Google folders to share and use resources from other Deaf PSUG members!

Sharing Guidance:

  • Create or use a folder that aligns with what you’re sharing
  • Please include the file that is importable to PowerSchool (and products)
  • Please include a screenshot, PDF, or printout to show what your resource looks like
  • Include the school name or contact info of who created the resource
Object Reports Plugins Enterprise/APEX


Two essential websites for PowerSchool users are:

  • PowerSource – Shared plugins, reports, code from the worldwide PowerSchool community
  • PowerSchool Community – help site with articles, how-to guides, idea suggestions, and the PowerSchool Insider.
PowerSource PowerSchool Community

PowerSchool University is the premier training to become your own “help desk” and learn advanced, customizable skills.

USDB attends the PSU Anaheim each year and recommends all Deaf PSUG members to join in at the same event.