Foundation Board Update

Foundation logoThe USDB Foundation has established a board of directors, regular meetings, a separate 501(c)3, an Organizational Assessment, and a Strategic Plan. The goal is to gain support and resources for USDB students and their families. The board implements best practices to ensure the nonprofit entity is set up properly and is run efficiently with transparency.  One of the projects includes building an Outdoor Family Learning Center to benefit Utah’s children who are deaf, blind, deaf-blind, hard of hearing or visually impaired.  


Most Recent Meeting Minutes July, 17.2019

Foundation Bylaws July 17, 2019


Claudia Anderson Member, Board of Directors 
Derek Brown Chairman,  Board of Directors 
Leslie Castle  Member, Board of Directors 
Meghan Holbrook Member, Board of Directors 
Courtney Johnson Member, Board of Directors 
Joel Coleman USDB Superintendent, non-voting
Susan Thomas USDB staff support, non-voting
Carl Empey  USDB staff support, non-voting
Rachel Coleman Volunteer, non-voting