Supported Transition Extension Program (STEP)

The Supported Transition Extension Program (STEP) is a residential program for students ages 16 through 21 housed at our Ogden campus. During the school year, Sunday night through Friday afternoon, students are housed in our residential dorms with full-time supervision and instruction. Blind young adult mentors live with students to provide modeling, guidance, and life experiences to promote successful transitioning to adult living.

A student is placed at STEP through an IEP team placement determination and receive specially designed instruction with IEP goals and objectives, access to the academic core in collaboration with a local high school, and receive intensive targeted expanded core curriculum instruction. The expanded core curriculum prepares students for independent adulthood. The program focuses on compensatory skills (Braille, organization, etc.), career education (including access to part-time jobs with job coach supervision), assistive technology, independent living skills (cooking, cleaning, money and time management, etc.) social interaction skills, self-determination, recreation and leisure (including activities out in the community), sensory efficiency, and orientation and mobility (including the use of public transportation).

In addition to the STEP program, USB hosts a College Transition Program for students who have graduated from high school but require supports to successfully transition to higher education. These students attend specially designed college prep courses that prepare students for success in a college environment. Students can apply for admittance to Weber State University, Ogden-Weber Applied Technology Center, or other trade schools.