ASL Resources

ASL Classes:

  • ASL Connect – Gallaudet University (virtual)
  • Robert G. Sanderson Community Center of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
    • 5709 S 1500 W, Salt Lake City, UT 84123
    • (801) 263-4860
  • USDB – contact Roberta Dunlap, for info






Beginning ASL Recorded Videos:



  • The ASL App – created by the Deaf-owned company Ink & Salt, this app has free and paywalled content
  • ASL Connect – Run by Gallaudet University, ASL Connect offers free introductory vocabulary videos, as well as paid virtual courses
  • ASL at Home – Deaf-made curriculum designed with families of deaf and hard-of-hearing children in mind
  • The ASL Shop – Deaf teacher with a large following teaching basic signs on Instagram
  • The ASL Lab – for more advanced students, Deaf actor Justin Jackerson breaks down ASL history and etymology on Instagram
  • Dawn Sign Press – Print and video resources for purchase from a Deaf-run press
  • Life Print – runs a free ASL video dictionary, as well as an active community Facebook group
  • The Sign Language Center – this New York based ASL teaching hub offers virtual as well as in-person classes in Manhattan
  • Signed With Heart – Deaf signer teaching ASL vocabulary on Instagram and Youtube, now also offering low-cost courses