Enrichment & Extracurricular

two male students wear shakespeare era costumes

Two student actors in Shakespearean era costumes.

Opportunities to Enhance Educational Services

    1. Consistent with UCA 53A-25b-307, the USDB enrichment program is intended to provide opportunities that will, in a family friendly environment, enhance the educational services required for students who are deaf, hard of hearing, blind, or deaf-blind .
    2. Revenue for the enrichment program is generated from the management and sale of deaf and blind institutional trust lands and is distributed to USDB in accordance with the Utah Constitution, Article X, Section 5.
    3. Enrichment funds are held in trust and belong specifically to these children in the state of Utah.  As such, they are not considered public, state or taxpayer funds. 
    4. As trustees of the enrichment funds, the members of the Utah State Board of Education have ultimate authority for the administration of the enrichment program. Enrichment funds are generally intended to provide specialized programming and highly enhanced experiential learning opportunities, beyond the normal scope of traditional school programs, that students might not otherwise experience as a result of circumstances related to their sensory disabilities.  
    1. Extracurricular Programs

    Extracurricular Activities for the Deaf

    1.  Extracurricular Activities for the Blind
    The USDB Enrichment Program Policy
  1. Enrichment Policy
  2. Examples of Enrichment Programs

Expanded Core Curriculum for the Blind