Information Regarding 2013 Former Teacher Aide Charges

Dear USDB stakeholders, parents/guardians, staff, teachers, the USDB Advisory Council, and the Utah State Board of Education:

USDB Administration recently became aware that felony charges have been filed against a former teacher’s aide, based on allegations of child sexual abuse that occurred in 2012/2013 (about 6 to 7 years ago) at the Jean Massieu School in Salt Lake City (JMS). We want you to know USDB cares about the safety of our students and that is our top priority.

In 2013, the former USDB administration received notification that there was an allegation of misconduct. Out of an abundance of caution the suspected employee was immediately escorted off of the campus that same day. Since that time, the employee has not worked at JMS or USDB.

Due to recent media inquiries, the current USDB administration has reviewed this matter. USDB administration and staff at all USDB facilities and programs take allegations of child abuse very seriously. USDB has policies, procedures and annual training that govern how to respond to reports of child abuse.

JMS and USDB have done everything humanly possible to protect our students and to respond to all types of allegations. Under the current USDB administration students are constantly supervised by multiple adults and any exceptions are specifically authorized by a parent to accommodate a required special service. Due to the unique needs of our students, the schools and programs have policies, procedures, and controls in place that provide the safest possible environment for our students.


Very Sincerely,

Joel Coleman

Superintendent of Schools, USDB

This letter was sent to all USDB stakeholders and members of the media on October 25, 2019