Utah is a National Model

Utah serves as a leader across the country and around the world for the education of students who are deaf, blind, or deaf-blind.

The Deaf School

The Utah Deaf School ranks #1 nationwide in high school completion rates for deaf students. The school for the deaf celebrates all communication modalities and allows students to find the education that works best for them. The students are given access to American Sign Language as well as Listening and Spoken Language skills.

The Blind School

The Utah Blind School experts share their best practices with teachers internationally. For example, many educators follow USDB best practices for making STEM accessible to blind students. The school for the blind implements academic curriculum in addition to specially designed instruction called the Expanded Core.

Deaf-Blind Services

Utah is the only state which offers a deaf-blind endorsement. Those endorsed and dedicated educators go the extra mile to give students a well-rounded education using equipment, technology, and resources.