Overview & Annual Reports

(The Cabinet pictured above left to right) Communications Director Susan Thomas, Facilities Director Dwight Overgaard, Associate Superintendent Michelle Tanner USD,  USDB Superintendent Joel Coleman,  Associate Superintendent Susan Patten USB, IT Director Jared Felt, Human Resources Dave Laycock, Finance Director Carl Empey, Photo by Todd Keith


The mission of USDB is to educate students who are Deaf, Blind, or Deafblind and to provide resources and enrichment activities for them and for their families so they can achieve their full academic, social, and career potential.


USDB leads the way as a national model in providing the most responsive, caring and innovative approach possible to meet the educational needs of our students.


Utah School for the Deaf – Overview Video

Utah School for the Blind – Overview Video

Annual Reports

Reflecting on the Past, Examining the Present, and Planning for the Future
USDB Superintendent Joel Coleman, Associate Superintendents Michelle Tanner and Susan Patten produced the USDB Annual Report and have presented it to the USDB Advisory Council and the Utah State Board of Education. The report provides critical information about where we are, how we have improved over time, and creates an opportunity for leadership to determine where we want to be in the future.

2022-2023 Annual Report

2021-2022 Annual Report

2020-2021 Annual Report

Previous Annual Reports


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