2022 USDB Teacher/Staff Employee Directory

USDB programs employ over 550 professionals throughout Utah. If the staff member you are looking for is not listed below, please contact the division office specialist for individual contact information.


Name Position Email Telephone
Joel Coleman Superintendent joelc@usdb.org (801) 629-4712
Tamara Flint Executive Assistant for the Superintendent tamaraf@usdb.org (801) 629-4712
Susan Patten Associate Superintendent of the Blind susanp@usdb.org (801) 629-4713
Jacquelyn Phillips Executive Assistant, Blind School jacquelynp@usdb.org (801) 629-4713
Michelle Tanner Associate Superintendent of the Deaf michellet@usdb.org (801) 629-4714
Cindy Andersen Executive Assistant, Deaf School cindya@usdb.org (801) 629-4714

(385) 282-6940 VP

Blind School – Outreach

Name Position Email Telephone
Brandon Watts Program Director brandonw@usdb.org (801) 464-2035
Sharon Draper Assistant Director sharond@usdb.org (801) 464-2051
Shelly Peterson Executive Secretary shellyp@usdb.org (801) 464-2051
Adriana Caro Educational Services Aide adrianac@usdb.org
Mirinda Losee Educational Services Aide mirindal@usdb.org
Suzy Blackham Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments suzyb@usdb.org
Jessica Brown Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments jessicab@usdb.org
Miika Brunson Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments miikab@usdb.org
Kristina Buck Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments kristinab@usdb.org
Cathy Cartwright Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments cathyc@usdb.org
Marcela Conger Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments marcelac@usdb.org
Suzy Daniels Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments suzyd@usdb.org
Jenny Hooper Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments jennyh@usdb.org
Amber Jensen Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments amberj@usdb.org
Vanda Jones Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments vandaj@usdb.org
Mirinda Losee Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments mirindal@usdb.org
Loralie Miller Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments loraliem@usdb.org
Lisa Nebeker Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments lisan@usdb.org
Nancy Nielson Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments nancyn@usdb.org
Jennifer Reben Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments jenniferre@usdb.org
MacKayla Rippstein Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments mackaylab@usdb.org
Reid Sifford Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments reids@usdb.org
Pam Sitterud Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments pamelaa@usdb.org
Brittany Southworth Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments brittanys@usdb.org
Alex Westergard Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments alexwe@usdb.org
Rachel Beckstrand Orientation & Mobility Specialist rachelb@usdb.org
Linda Breeden Orientation & Mobility Specialist lindabr@usdb.org
Shannon Brown Orientation & Mobility Specialist shannonb@usdb.org
Melissa Chandler Orientation & Mobility Specialist melissach@usdb.org
Nana Dewald Orientation & Mobility Specialist nanap@usdb.org
Kari Fredrickson Orientation & Mobility Specialist karif@usdb.org
Marie Hollinger Orientation & Mobility Specialist marieh@usdb.org
Leeandra Jones Orientation & Mobility Specialist leeandraj@usdb.org
Melanie Manwaring Orientation & Mobility Specialist melaniem@usdb.org
Tamara Noble Orientation & Mobility Specialist tamaran@usdb.org
Elizabeth Menlove Orientation & Mobility Specialist elizabethf@usdb.org

Blind School – Campus Programs Administration

Name Position Email Telephone
Ryan Greene Program Director ryang@usdb.org (801) 629-4718
Lauren Rich Assistant Director laurenri@usdb.org (801) 629-4718
Suzanne Nelson Blind Campus Secretary suzannen@usdb.org (801) 629-4718
Robbin Clark Expanded Core Curriculum Coordinator robbinc@usdb.org (801) 629-4736
Katelyn Andersen Expanded Core Curriculum Office Tech katelyna@usdb.org (801) 629-4773

Blind School – Campus Programs Staff – All Locations

Name Position Email Telephone
Becky Weeks ECC Educational Services Aide beckyw@usdb.org (801) 629-4837
Kathy Bingham ECC Teacher of the Visually Impaired kathyb@usdb.org
Annette Loveland Preschool Lead Educator annettel@usdb.org
Michael Judkins O.D. Low Vision Specialist michaelj@usdb.org (801) 464-2020
Christy Michaels Vocational Coach christym@usdb.org

Blind School – Campus Programs – Assistive Technology

Name Position Email Telephone
Quintin Williams Assistive Technology Specialist quintinw@usdb.org (801) 629-4798
Wayne Todd Assistive Technology Assistant waynet@usdb.org
Keri Welch Assistive Technology Educator kerio@usdb.org
Carol Greene  Assistive Technology Educator carolg@usdb.org

Blind School – Campus Programs – Ogden

Name Position Email Telephone
Merle Asido Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments merlea@usdb.org
Brenda Munns Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments brendam@usdb.org
Cathy Cartwright Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments cathyc@usdb.org
Keri Ostergaard Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments kerio@usdb.org
Michelle Ward Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments michellew@usdb.org
Stephanie Petersen Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments stephaniep@usdb.org
Madison Caldwell Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments madisonca@usdb.org

Blind School – Campus Programs – Salt Lake Area

Name Position Email Telephone
Gayla Ward Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments – Millcreek gaylaw@usdb.org
Madelyn Stafford Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments madelyns@usdb.org
Michael Berger Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments michaelb@usdb.org
Paige Furbush Teacher of Students with DeafBlindness – DeafBlind Classroom paigef@usdb.org

Blind School – Campus Programs – Springville

Name Position Email Telephone
Jerri Henderson Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments jerrih@usdb.org
Michele Larsen Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments


Sandra Peppin Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments sandrap@usdb.org

Business Office

Name Position Email Telephone
Carl Empey Finance Director carle@usdb.org (801) 629-4723
Vicki Summers Finance Manager vickisu@usdb.org (801) 629-4764
Chad Hinds Purchasing Manager chadh@usdb.org (801) 629-4811
David Health Accounting davidh@usdb.org (801) 629-4720
Teresa Patterson Purchasing Agent teresap@usdb.org (801) 629-4720
Kim Olsen Financial Analyst – Payroll kimo@usdb.org (801) 629-4703
MiKell Bennion Medicaid Specialist mikellb@usdb.org (801) 629-4829
Kylee Richter Medicaid Assistant kyleer@usdb.org
Julie Thomson Ogden Receptionist juliet@usdb.org (801) 629-4700
Aleja Alvarez-Lee SLC Receptionist alejaa@usd.borg (801) 464-2200
Courtney Dodge Springville Receptionist courtneyd@usdb.org (801) 431-5116

Communications & Development

Name Position Email Telephone
Susan Thomas, Director Communications & Development susant@usdb.org (801) 889-6964
Todd Keith Media Production Specialist toddk@usdb.org (801) 602-1497
Katharina Hirschi PR Specialist – Intern kath@usdb.org
Amy Zaharis Education Foundation Director amyz@usdb.org

Deaf-Blind Services

Name Position Email Telephone
Erin Farrer Program Director erinf@usdb.org (801) 629-4769
Jamie Carter Executive Secretary jend@usdb.org (801) 629-4732
Office Specialist jamiec@usdb.org
Tricia Broadhead Teacher of the Deaf-Blind triciab@usdb.org
Leslie Buchanan Lead Teacher of the Deaf-Blind leslieb@usdb.org
Kirsten Corbett Teacher of the Deaf-Blind kirstenc@usdb.org
Mary Alice Dredge Teacher of the Deaf-Blind maryaliced@usdb.org
Sundie Marx Teacher of the Deaf-Blind sundieg@usdb.org
Nicole Marcelo Lead Teacher of the Deaf-Blind nicoleh@usdb.org
Elizabeth Jones Teacher of the Deaf-Blind elizabethj@usdb.org
Emily Mortimer Family Support Specialist emilymo@usdb.org
Denise Pearson Teacher of the Deaf-Blind denisep@usdb.org
Rosalee Pearson Teacher of the Deaf-Blind rosaleep@usdb.org
Amy Query Teacher of the Deaf-Blind amyq@usdb.org
Gretel Sampson Teacher of the Deaf-Blind gretels@usdb.org
Debbie Sanders Teacher of the Deaf-Blind debbies@usdb.org
Lara Leigh Whitney Teacher of the Deaf-Blind laraw@usdb.org

Educational Support Services

Name Position Email Telephone
Candace George Program Director candaceg@usdb.org (801) 464-2013
Jillian Phillips Executive Secretary jillianp@usdb.org (801) 464-2013
Joanie Robinson Speech Language Pathologist joanier@usdb.org
Haylee Krutsch Speech Language Pathologist hayleek@usdb.org
Rachel Watts Speech Language Pathologist rachelw@usdb.org
Breanna Gabaldon Speech Language Pathologist breannag@usdb.org
Melissa Miller Speech Language Pathologist melissam@usdb.org
Meg Frost Speech Language Pathologist megf@usdb.org
Jamie Gross Speech Language Pathologist jaimeg@usdb.org
Yvette Toribio-Ataque Speech Language Pathologist yvettet@usdb.org
Heather Gourley Speech Language Pathologist heatherg@usdb.org
Lindsey Wert, M.A., Psy.S, NCSP School Psychologist lindseyw@usdb.org
Heather Hoen School Psychologist heatherh@usdb.org
Stephanie Hardee School Psychologist stephanieh@usdb.org
Raina Jones School Psychologist rainaj@usdb.org
Wade Hester School Guidance Counselor wadeh@usdb.org
Holly Arndt School Guidance Counselor hollya@usdb.org
Brian Tingley School Guidance Counselor brianti@usdb.org
Kim Thornsberry School Guidance Counselor kimt@usdb.org
Emily Tanner Social Worker emilyt@usdb.org
Jessica Parfitt Adaptive PE Specialist jessicap@usdb.org
Amy Bouy Adaptive PE Specialist amyb@usdb.org
Mackenzie Carter Occupational Therapist mackenziec@usdb.org
Jenn Mitchell MOT, OTR/L Occupational Therapist jennm@usdb.org
Kristine Ward MOT Occupational Therapist kristinew@usdb.org
Denise Winters, MS, PT Physical Therapist denisewi@usdb.org
Rikki Myers Physical Therapist rikkim@usdb.org
Kathy Carlisle School Nurse – SLC & Springville kathyc@usdb.org (801) 464-2048
Mallory Robbins School Nurse Ogden malloryr@usdb.org
Candice Comer School Nurse Ogden candicec@usdb.org
Shannon McGavin School Nurse SLC shannonm@usdb.org
Tish Lund School Nurse Ogden tishl@usdb.org
Jathan Bingham School Nurse SLC and Springville jathanb@usdb.org
School Nurse SLC
Christina German-Allred School Nurse SLC christinag@usdb.org

ERC, the Library

Name Position Email Telephone
Sarah Lovato Program Coordinator sarahlo@usdb.org (801) 629-4795
Sally Aponte Library Technician sallya@usdb.org (801) 629-4809
Jeanette Gallup Library Technician jeanetteg@usdb.org (801) 464-2038
Travis Montgomery Library Technician travism@usdb.org (385) 290-4785 VP
Kristin Walker Library Technician kristinw@usdb.org (801) 629-4741
Whitney James Library Technician whitneyj@usdb.org (385) 290-4785 VP


Name Position Email Telephone
Dwight Overgaard Facilities Director dwighto@usdb.org (801) 629-4843
Gabe Areano Facilities Coordinator gabea@usdb.org (801) 629-4780
Julie Thomson Facilities Secretary juliet@usdb.org (801) 629-4779

Human Resources

Name Position Email Telephone
Dave Laycock HR Specialist davel@usdb.org (801) 629-4725
Melanie Butters HR Analyst melanieb@usdb.org (801) 629-4726

Information Technology

Name Position Email Telephone
Jared Felt Information Technology Director jaredf@usdb.org (801) 629-4820
“AJ” Adriel Jacobson Information Technology adrielj@usdb.org (801) 629-4814

Jean Massieu – School of the Deaf – Salt Lake City

Name Position Email Telephone
Rachel Benedict Program Director rbenedict@usdb.org (801) 657-5236 Video Phone
 Jonathan Helgesen

Asst. Director (801) 312-8416 Video Phone


Amanda Laver Executive Secretary amandal@usdb.org (801) 464-2038 Voice

(385) 282-6945 Video Phone

Receptionist  (801) 464-2000 Voice

(385) 282-6946 Video Phone

Cassandra Baggaley Instructor cassandrab@usdb.org
Katie Bodily Instructor katieb@usdb.org
Anna Bracilano Instructor annab@usdb.org
Jeanna Chiodo Instructor jeannac@usdb.org
Hannah Ence Instructor hannahe@usdb.org
Megan Gardner Instructor megang@usdb.org
Paige Huefner Instructor paigeh@usdb.org
Coleen Jennings Instructor coleenj@usdb.org
Jenni Johnson Instructor jennij@usdb.org
Mary Leishman Instructor maryl@usdb.org
McKenzie Linnell Instructor mckenziel@usdb.org
Shellee Marlar Preschool Teacher elleem@usdb.org
Yvonne Montalette ASL Specialist yvonnem@usdb.org
Mercy Persinger Instructor mercyp@usdb.org
Alexis Porter Instructor alexisp@usdb.org
Misty Sides Instructor mistys@usdb.org
Shari Solomon-Klebba Instructor sharis@usdb.org
Emily Swenson Instructor emilys@usdb.org
Jasmine Taylor Instructor jasminet@usdb.org
Jill Tezac Hybrid Preschool Teacher jillt@usdb.org
Trish Vierra Instructor trishv@usdb.org
Logan Vondra Instructor loganv@usdb.org
Jane Walker Instructor janew@usdb.org
Caldonia Wilding Instructor caldoniaw@usdb.org

Kenneth C. Burdett – KBS School of the Deaf – Ogden

Name Position Email Telephone
Martin Price Program Director martinp@usdb.org (385) 244-4373
Corina Archuleta Executive Secretary corinaa@usdb.org (801) 629-4751
Devin Christensen Audiologist devinc@usdb.org
Lori Bodily Instructor lorib@usdb.org
Lacey Crittenden  Instructor laceycr@usdb.org
Victoria Floyd  Instructor vickyf@usdb.org
Leanna Gale Instructor leannag@usdb.org
Melainie Garcia  Instructor melainieg@usdb.org
Kim Geurts Instructor kimg@usdb.org
Courtney Miller Kindergarten/1st Teacher courtneys@usdb.org
Kelli Aramaki Instructor kellia@usdb.org
Michelle Brown Preschool Instructor michelleb@udb.org
Kelly Mauray  Instructor kellym@usdb.org
Jamie Pearce Ogden Preschool jamiep@usdb,org 801-629-4827
Sandy Scott  Instructor sandys@usdb.org
Kim Lucas Instructor kiml@usdb.org
Jill Weiss Ogden Kindergarten & 1st Teacher jillw@usdb.org (801) 629-4828
Barbie Johnston Job Coach barbiej@usdb.org


VP: (801) 528-1633
Text: (801) 505 2318
Stefani Watson Job Coach stefaniw@usdb.org (435) 313-1857
Mandy Zorn Job Coach mandyz@usdb.org

Elizabeth DeLong – School for the Deaf – Springville

Name Position Email Telephone
Deanna Glasser Program Director deannag@usdb.org (801) 431-5101
Kaydee Reynolds Executive Secretary kaydeer@usdb.org (801) 431-5100
Amberly Barnes Teaching Assistant amberlyb@usdb.org
Jennifer Barone Deaf Educator Jenniferb@usdb.org (801) 431-5112
Janeal Belnap Audiologist janealb@usdb.org
Jathan Bingham Nurse jathanb@usdb.org (801) 431-5117
Justin Bodily ASL Specialist justinb@usb.org
Aimee Breinholt Deaf Educator aimeeb@usdb.org (801) 431-5129
Kathy Carlisle Nurse kathyc@usdb.org (801) 431-5105
Heather Gourley Speech Language Pathologist heatherg@usdb.org
Heather Hoen Psychologist heatherh@usdb.org (801) 431-5102
Cathleen Martinez Deaf Educator cathleenm@usdb.org (801) 431-5113
Carlo Montero Teaching Assistant (D/HH Program) carlom@usdb.org
Jessica Nash Teaching Assistant jessican@usdb.org
Marissa Parker Teaching Assistant carolsan@usdb.org
Lauren Reynolds Teaching Assistant laurenr@usdb.org
Katrina Robinson Deaf Educator katrinar@usdb.org (801) 431-5119
Lori Ruth Deaf Educator lorir@usdb.org (801) 431-5114
Carol Sanderson Teaching Assistant carolsan@usdb.org
Martha Sperry Deaf Educator marthas@usdb.org (801) 431-5111
Michelle Tucker Deaf Educator michelletu@usdb.org (801) 431-5104
Kenyatah Wellman Teaching Assistant (D/HH Program) kenyatahw@usdb.org

Southern Utah School for the Deaf

 919 E Brigham Rd, St. George, UT 84790

Name Position Email Telephone
Adam Billings Program Director adamb@usdb.org (801) 464-2096
Alexis Wardinsky Executive Secretary alexisw@usdb.org (801) 691-7841
 Natalie Graham Preschool ASL Teacher natalieg@usdb.org (562) 774-3188
Lauren Munkondya  Preschool LSL Teacher laurenmu@usdb.org (801) 332-9414
Kimberly Zulewski K-1 Teacher kimberlyz@usdb.org (385) 419-1288 Text

Utah School for the Deaf Outreach- Southern Division


Name Position Email Telephone
Adam Billings Program Director adamb@usdb.org (801) 464-2096
Alexis Wardinsky Executive Secretary alexisw@usdb.org (801) 691-7841
Heidi Condie Preschool Teacher heidic@usdb.org
Janet Bartholomew  Instructor janetb@usdb.org (435) 986-0011
Alyse Farnsworth  Instructor alysef@usdb.org (435) 823-2788
Jill Laing  Instructor jilll@usdb.org (801) 851-0304
Joni Sue McDonald  Instructor jonim@usdb.org (435) 678-1389
Rachel Parry  Instructor rachelp@usdb.org (435) 688-7956
Sara Reinhart Instructor sarar@usdb.org
Valynn Sorensen Instructor valynns@usdb.org

Parent Infant Program for the Blind/Visually Impaired

Name Position Email Telephone
Karen Borg Program Director karenbo@usdb.org (801) 629-4743
Kim Olsen Executive Secretary kimo@usdb.org (801) 629-4743
Tamra Baird Early Intervention Vision Specialist tamrab@usdb.org
Jamie Brown Early Intervention Vision Specialist jamieb@usdb.org
Margaret Caulford Early Intervention Vision Specialist margaretc@usdb.org
Pam Christensen Early Intervention Vision Specialist pamelac@usdb.org
Darci Crossley Early Intervention Vision Specialist darcic@usdb.org
Whitney Cunningham Early Intervention Vision Specialist whitneyc@usdb.org
Bess Dennison Early Intervention Vision Specialist bessd@usdb.org
Kim Fowkes Early Intervention Vision Specialist kimf@usdb.org
Terry Gibson Early Intervention Vision Specialist terrye@usdb.org
Denise Johnson Early Intervention Vision Specialist denisej@usdb.org
Emily Kotowski Early Intervention Vision Specialist emilyk@usdb.org
Jennifer Leavitt Early Intervention Vision Specialist jenniferl@usdb.org
Elizabeth Menlove Early Intervention Vision Specialist elizabethme@usdb.org
Teri Morrison Early Intervention Vision Specialist terim@usdb.org
Pam Nicolson Early Intervention Vision Specialist pamelan@usdb.org

Parent Infant Program for the Deaf/Hard of Hearing

Name Position Email Telephone
Stephanie Morgan Director stephaniem@usdb.org (385) 282-6899
Ashley Herbert Executive Secretary ashleyh@usdb.org (801) 629-4768
Mindi Allen Instructor mindia@usdb.org
Angie Atwood Instructor angiea@usdb.org
Roberta Dunlap ASL Specialist robertad@usdb.org
Ingrid Taylor Parent Advisor ingridt@usdb.org
Merideth Foster Parent Advisor meridethf@usdb.org
Myranda Wellborn Parent Advisor myrandaw@usdb.org
Amanda Hammond Instructor amandaha@usdb.org
Hanna Hawkins Instructor hannah@usdb.org
Amie Jarvie Parent Advisor aimiej@usdb.org
Jennifer Kite Instructor jenniferk@usdb.org
Rebecca Olsen Parent Advisor rebeccao@usdb.org
Tristen Vierig-Scott Instructor tristens@usdb.org
Katelyn Empey Instructor katelyne@usdb.org
Cassie Riding Parent Advisor cassier@usdb.org
Deb King Parent Advisor debk@usdb.org

Listening and Spoken Language

Name Position Email Telephone
Jennifer Salazar Program Director jennifers@usdb.org (801) 464-2026
Liz LeFevre Executive Secretary lizl@usdb.org (801) 464-2023
Jenny Alvey North Outreach Teacher Jennya@usdb.org 435-535-1560
Gabrielle Geiger Instructor gabrielleg@usdb.org
Carrie Hix  Canyons/Charter Outreach carrieh@usdb.org
Leia Miller Tooele Outreach Teacher leiak@usdb.org 435-277-0243
Hilary Moody Aural Habilitation Teacher hilarym@usdb.org
Renee Moore Aural Habilitation Teacher reneem@usdb.org
Michelle Olivares Instructor michelleo@usdb.org
Marissa Peak Aural Habilitation Teacher marissap@usdb.org
Lori Potter Summit/Wasatch Outreach Teacher  lorip@usdb.org
Jamie Robinson Instructor jamier@usdb.org

ASL Interpreters

Name Position Email Telephone
Emily Longshore – Interpreter  Coordinator South Utah Lead Interpreter emilyl@usdb.org (801) 425-0732
Alisa Ensign Central Utah Lead Interpreter alisae@usdb.org
Lisa Larsen North Utah Lead Interpreter lisal@usdb.org
Tony Bonny Staff Interpreter tonyb@usdb.org
Jennifer Jackson Staff Interpreter jenniferj@usdb.org
Bethany Hammon Staff Interpreter bethanyh@usdb.org


Name Position Email Telephone
Armando Venegas Director armandov@usdb.org (801) 629-4731
Cassidy McFarland Executive Secretary cassidym@usdb.org (801) 629-4795
Amy Young Coordinator amyy@usdb.org (801) 629-4783
Mandy Kay Coordinator mandyk@usdb.org (801) 629-4706
Javier Martinez Coordinator javierm@usdb.org (801) 629-4784
Jody Nelson Warehouse Specialist jodyn@usdb.org (801) 629-4729

USD Staff

Name Position Email Telephone
Nathan Harrison Curriculum Director nathanh@usdb.org (801) 464-2047 Voice

(435) 216-9448 VP

Kevin Berrigan Transition Specialist kevinb@usdb.org
Kim Lucas Educational Technology Specialist kiml@usdb.org
Tanasha Slack Instructor tanashas@usdb.org


Name Position Email Telephone
Katherine Crum Registrar & Assessment katherinec@usdb.org (801) 464-2073