Statewide Outreach Services for the Deaf

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The Utah School for the Deaf’s outreach program is an integral part of Deaf Education throughout the State of Utah serving deaf and hard-of-hearing students preschoIMG 3073ol through high school.  USD follows the Utah Core Standards and utilizes best practices with technology and individual learning strategies to ensure students receive the support and training needed to succeed after graduation.

The USD Outreach Program serves students using Listening and Spoken Language (LSL) and American Sign Language (ASL).  Listening and Spoken Language services provide intensive instruction for spoken language development.  American Sign Language is provided to give full access to communication and curriculum through the use of sign language.

USD has hIMG 5464ighly qualified teachers of the deaf that collaborate with local districts, families, and school personnel to provide quality language development and educational support to deaf and hard of hearing students attending the local district or charter schools. Outreach services can include one-on-one instruction, pull-out intervention, push-in intervention, auditory-verbal therapy, speech, and ASL specific training.  USD has pioneered deaf and hard of hearing services through teleintervention, distant interpreting, and asynchronous online learning (USD Online). These developments have improved student outcomes and allow USD to provide even more support to the rural areas of Utah.  

If you would like more information about USD’s Outreach Services, please contact one of our directors:

  • Hilary Moody 801-464-2026 (Director: Deaf Outreach Services / Northern Region)
  • Adam Billings 801-431-5103 (Director: Deaf Outreach Services / Southern Region)

If you are looking for a service provider, click on the desired district and a link will connect you to the outreach teacher in your area.

Utah School Districts Map