Winter Weather

During the winter months, it is necessary to discuss the possibility of inclement weather, such as snow, windstorms, and other weather conditions, and its effect on our schools.  Since USDB has campuses in Salt Lake, Ogden, Springville, and St. George, inclement weather may impact only an individual campus.  Or it may only impact your student’s individual transportation route.  If at any time the driver does not feel the road conditions are safe, they are instructed to let the family and the school know and we will excuse those students from the school that day.  If however, the problematic weather is more expansive in nature, we may determine that it is in the best interest of the students to receive their instruction from home that day.  

First and foremost, please know that USDB aims to keep schools open whenever possible. Snow storms are a reality throughout Utah, and though winter weather may present challenges, school closures or delays are rare and typically campus specific.

If you do not receive a notification of any kind of a school closure or delay, plan on the school being open for instruction. You may always call Wasatch Transportation about the status of your student’s van.   

We trust parents to make the ultimate call when it comes to their child’s safety. Not all streets are plowed at the same time, and snow totals may differ from region to region. If you do not think it is safe to send or take your kids to school during inclement weather, please keep them home. School officials will be lenient regarding tardiness and absences during winter weather.

Considerations for School Closures:

Prior to and during a snowstorm, we receive up-to-date reports on road conditions, van transportation capability, and the status of our buildings. We will keep schools open if these reports indicate we can safely transport children, and open and operate our buildings. Additionally, as we see inclement weather in the forecast, schools are prepared to utilize technology for distance learning in lieu of a snow day. Your child’s director and/or teacher(s) will be in touch with more specific distance learning plans on these days.