Frequently Asked Questions


Who do I contact regarding IEP questions?

You can contact Ryan Greene, Director of Blind Campus Programs. Office: (801)629-4808 email:

My child does not attend school at USDB but I have questions regarding services.

You can contact Brandon Watts Director of Outreach Vision Services. Office: (801)464-2035 email:

I want to know about Summer Camps and other after school opportunities.

You can contact Robbin Clark Expanded Core Curriculum Coordinator. Office: (801)629-4773 email:

I am considering a USDB placement for my child and would like to schedule a tour at one of your campuses.

You can contact Suzanne Nelson, Executive Secretary. Office: (801)629-4718 email:

What ages do you serve?

USDB serves children from Birth to 22 years old. Adult services (those over the age of 22) are provided by the Division of Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired (DSBVI) (801)323-4343

What is the placement process for USDB?

View our Placement Guidance Document for more information!

Where do I find the current school calendar?

Blind Campus Ogden Blind Campus Salt Lake City Blind Campus Springville