Utah School for the Deaf

Five teenage seniors jump in the air for a fun photo. They represent a a variety of races both girls and boys.Our students in Utah rank #1 across the U.S.A for high school completion of students who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

Programs for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Welcome to the Utah Schools for the Deaf (USD).

Whether you are already familiar with our programs or just beginning your exploration, you will find a dynamic school full of opportunities, challenges, and self-discovery for your child!

USD provides educational services to students, aged birth through twenty-one, in an environment that encourages development and challenges all students to achieve their potential. We focus on language development by creating a rich learning environment with many opportunities for open-ended discussion and communication.

We are very proud of our small class sizes and low teacher to student ratios. USD teachers are dedicated, caring, energetic, and highly qualified with bachelors or masters degrees and state certification.

USD students and families have the opportunity to choose from a range of educational programs in order to ensure a comfortable fit with their child’s learning style. We offer programs in Early Intervention, ASL/English Bilingual education, and Listening and Spoken Language. We collaborate with Utah school districts and charter schools to provide support to students in all areas of the state. The long-term goal of all USD programs is for students to have a quality educational experience that will prepare them for a rich and fulfilling adult life.

In addition to individually designed instruction based on the Utah Core Curriculum, our students are encouraged to engage in American Sign Language development, Listening and Spoken Language training, daily living skills, vocational skills, assistive and adaptive technology training, Deaf culture, athletics, student government, and computer technology. The educational program for each student is custom fit to meet their unique learning needs.

Our Supported Transition Extension Program (STEP) is a residential program for students ages sixteen through twenty-one that offers comprehensive academic, social, job readiness, college preparation, and life skill instruction designed to prepare students for independent adulthood.

Feel free to browse the website, then contact us with questions, comments, to request more information, or to visit a campus location near you. We are here to offer support, guidance, and expert advice. We are your advocates as you navigate through the programs and services that make up your child’s education and we look forward to hearing from you.

Michelle Tanner 
Associate Superintendent of the Deaf

Utah School of the Deaf & Hard of Hearing
742 Harrison Blvd.
Ogden, UT 84404
(801)903-2831 VP or (801) 629-4714


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Meet one graduate from the 1930-40’s who shares her memories of the Utah School for the Deaf.  She then graduated from college and enjoyed a successful career with the Bureau of Land Management.  She is now retired and enjoys following today’s Utah School for the Deaf on social media. To this day, she has fond memories of her teachers who provided her with personalized instruction and a wonderful education.

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USD Staff:

  • 7 Educational Directors
  • 1 Assistant Director
  • 1 Executive Assistant
  • 6 Secretaries
  • 3 Receptionists
  • 84 Educators
  • 4 ASL Specialists
  • 5 Auditory Verbal Therapists
  • 2 Reading Specialists
  • 4 Job Coaches
  • 42 Paraprofessionals
  • 46 Educational Interpreters
  • 3 Staff Interpreters

Employee Contact List   https://www.usdb.org/resources/employee-directory/

USD Strategic Plan for 2020-21

To read the detailed data from the National Deaf Center on Postsecondary Achievement about deaf and hard of hearing people in Utah click here