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What is Expanded Core Curriculum?

The Expanded Core Curriculum (ECC) is a disability specific curriculum for students with vision impairments including deaf-blindness. It has nine designated areas to target the unique needs of students with vision impairments. The ECC is for students of all ages; birth through 21 years old.

  • The ECC targets skills that are vital for students with vision impairments to learn in their homes, school and in the community. It works alongside of the academic curriculum.
  • The ECC is nationally recognized as an important part of education services for students with vision impairments.

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USDB is a State Resource for the Expanded Core Curriculum

Our teachers for students with vision impairments in our Outreach and Deaf-blind divisions support students and education teams with ECC skills instruction.

USDB offers a variety of short term programs that provide intensive Expanded Core instruction.

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