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List of ASL Resources
Recursos de ASL




ASL Classes:


YouTube Channels

  • RMDS YouTube Channel – Lots of ASL stories for younger children
  • ASL That!Great videos for learning about specific ASL vocabulary and grammar topics, as well as comparing ASL with more English-y signing styles.
  • Bill Vicars – Plenty of beginner youtube ASL lessons
  • Sheena McFeely – lots of ASL videos (also creator of ASL Nook)


ASL Apps

  • The ASL App – created by the Deaf-owned company Ink & Salt, this app has free and paywalled content
  • Marlee Signs – app created by Oscar winning Deaf actress, Marlee Matlin


ASL Resources

  • ASL Nook – Lots of videos by a deaf family
  • Dawn Sign Press – Print and video resources for purchase from a Deaf-run press
  • Life Print – runs a free ASL video dictionary, as well as an active community Facebook group


ASL Social Media

  • The ASL Lab – for more advanced students, Deaf actor Justin Jackerson breaks down ASL history and etymology on Instagram
  • The ASL Shop – Quick “sign of the day” videos on Instagram


ASL Dictionary:




Beginning ASL Recorded Videos from USDB: