Deafblind Services

Serving Utah families and children with both vision and hearing loss.

The goal of Deafblind Services is to provide support which will allow each child to meet his or her potential in a positive and nurturing environment.

Deaf-blind student is guided by peerChildren with Deafblindness have vision and hearing loss which, in combination, can lead to severe communication, developmental, and learning needs.

These needs create circumstances where a child cannot be appropriately educated in special education programs designed for children and youth with hearing impairments, visual impairments, or severe disabilities alone, without additional services.

Because of the complex needs of a child with Deafblindness, the following services may be provided:

  • Direct service from a Teacher of the Deafblind
  • Consultative support for the child’s education team, which may include classroom teachers, early intervention providers, administrators, support staff, and related-service personnel
  • If the child’s educational or early intervention team decides there is a significant need, a one-on-one intervener may be provided
  • Family information and support services

U.S. Office of Special Education Programs logoUtah Deafblind Project

A federally-funded program administered by Deafblind Services

The purpose of the Utah Deafblind Project is to enhance the educational services and improve the outcomes for children and youth with both vision and hearing loss.

Technical Assistance

  • Assistance in identifying individuals, birth to 22, with combined vision and hearing loss
  • On-going training and technical assistance to increase the capacity of individuals, families, and communities
  • Community awareness and education, including peer support
  • Collaboration with various local, state, and national agencies, businesses and projects

Family Support

  • Providing support to families is an integral part of the Utah Deaf-Blind Project’s mission.
  • A dedicated Family Support Specialist meets with families and helps them understand the resources available for their child.
  • Numerous events and committees provide opportunities for parents to network, learn, and play a greater role in the lives of their children.

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“When we do the best we can, we never know what miracle is wrought in our life, or in the life of another.”-Hellen Keller