Listening & Spoken Language

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The Listening and Spoken Language (LSL) program at Utah School for the Deaf and Blind (USDB) emphasizes teaching children with hearing loss to access their world by using hearing aids or cochlear implants and communicating by listening and talking. Educationally, the goal for LSL students is to have spoken language skills equivalent to hearing peers and be mainstreamed in their neighborhood school with typical students.

Program Components

20180904951052481Self Contained Classrooms: Preschool to Second Grade РWith a focus on listening, children develop speech skills and language. Teachers follow the State Core Curriculum Standards to ensure children have access to the general education curriculum.

Individual Therapy: Listening and Spoken Language – Specialists provide one-on-one therapy for students to support language and listening goals.

Parent-Child Language Therapy – Parents meet weekly with their child’s teachers and discover new ways to encourage listening and language development in the home.

Outreach Teachers: Serve students in their home school districts РLanguage, academic, and hearing support is provided based on individual student needs.

LSL Program Goals

  • Form partnerships with parents and families to teach children with hearing loss to listen and talk.
  • Provide an individualized, developmentally appropriate listening and spoken language education that enables each child to maximize his or her overall potential in academic, physical, social, and speech-language development.
  • Partner with local school districts to provide a smooth transition back to neighborhood schools as children reach their goals.

A teacher reads to her class

LSL Staff

Our staff is committed to excellence in providing services to children and their families. It consists of licensed professionals who are Deaf Educators, Early Childhood Special Educators, and Certified Listening and Spoken Language Specialists. Our staff partners with Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists to ensure children has the best access to spoken language.


The Listening and Spoken Language Program can be found at four locations: No. Ogden (KBS Campus), So. Ogden (South Weber Elementary), Orem, and Salt Lake City.


Jennifer Salazar
USDB LSL Director