Parent Infant Programs for the Blind/Visually Impaired

Parent Infant Program for the Blind/VisuallyImpaired


Parent holds young sonThe Parent Infant Program for the Blind and Visually Impaired serves children aged birth to 3 who have visual impairments and their families. Services cover the entire State of Utah.

Home-Based Services

The Parent Infant Program primarily serves children in their homes. We implement best practice by using a coaching model to help parents feel comfortable implementing strategies into their daily routines. Strategies address areas of need in every area of development, such as communication, cognition, motor, social –emotional, adaptive and compensatory.


Toddler/playgroup classes offer children aged 18-36 months opportunities to explore and learn with different equipment (CCTV, electric braillers, Light-Aide, special seating, etc.), in a new environment, with same-age peers. Parents get to network with other parents and learn new adaptations to try at home in daily activities.

Family Activities

Family activities give siblings and parents an opportunity to build important networks with each other, learn from experts in the fields of vision impairment and early childhood education, find ways to incorporate learning strategies into daily routines and special occasions (Ex. How do I make a holiday meaningful to my visually impaired child?), etc.

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