Safety Information and Plans

a chalkboard has the word unprepared and the un is crossed off. so, it says prepared. Here at USDB, we take safety very seriously!

We are as prepared as possible. Review our plans and guidelines as desired.


 Emergency Reunification Plan  
Emergency Response Guidelines

Continuity of Operations Plan

Active Shooter Guidelines

For updated copies or additional information regarding the safety related plans and guidelines listed above contact or

Other Helpful Resources


Circle of Friends: (18+)

The program I mentioned at the Deaf center is for ages 18 and up.

You can find more information here:


Safety Apps:

Family360 has tracking abilities.

An app like Emergency Contact and ICE Standard could pull up a digital contact on her phone to show if needed in emergency situations.

There are many apps out there now with many different features! I would love feedback on what you end up deciding on to share feedback with other families!

Autism Safety Kit:

Feeling Safe, Being Safe: Attached file

This is a resource we can use for making an emergency contact plan for Cassia. We could turn the information from this file into a smaller wallet/card as well. This could be worked on in one of her Transition/Life Skills classes. I have included Kristy on the email so she has access to this resource as well. Once we have all the information needed, we can have this information in different formats such as on paper as well as accessible in an app on phone/iPad.

Utah’s 911 website:

Good way to find local non-emergency numbers for safety needs. You could save this as a bookmark on iPad or mobile phone

SafeUT is the Utah safety app

USDB is still in the process of setting up our schools.

USOR Resource List: Attached file

This is the list of providers I mentioned during the IEP.

Utah Parent Center Resources:

Includes lists of Autism support groups, Autism Employment resources,

ASD App Ideas: Attached file of top apps for students with ASD

Autism and Computers Article

Required Notice:

Results of the school asbestos inspections by accredited Inspectors are available for public viewing in each of the Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind School Buildings or at the Ogden Administration Offices located at 742 Harrison Boulevard in Ogden, Utah. Phone # (801) 629-4700.  Asbestos re-inspections are done, as required by law, every three years with surveillance done at six month intervals.