Parent Education Videos





Parents are our strongest partners in education.  Our goal is to provide important information to support your children.

Hearing Technology Wear Time

Presented by: Michelle Brown & Gabby Geiger

ASL and Spoken Language Separation

Presented by Misty Sides

Music and the Brain

Presented by Hilary Moody

Deaf Culture 101

Presented by Leanna Gale

Incorporating Spoken Language into Daily Routines

Presented by Shellee Marlar

Incorporating ASL into Daily Routines

Presented by Emilie Wilding

How to Use Pictures to expand language.

Presented by Stephanie Morgan


Using Listening and Spoken Languages to read to your child.

Presented by Jill Tezak

How to read with your child using ASL Strategies

Presented By Roberta Dunlap

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Importance of Play

Presented by Jennifer Salazar

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Grief cycle and parent self-care

Presented by Stephanie Mathis

Growing up with a hearing loss

Presented by Lacey Crittenden

Social Skills Development in Children

Presented by Hanna Hawkins


Behavior Strategies

Present by Brigid Giles