Scholarship Opportunities with USB


For an application or additional questions, contact:

Brandon Watts: – 801-589-3417



Highly qualified teachers are critical at the Utah School for the Blind (USB). In an effort to address the shortage of teachers for the visually impaired (TVI), the superintendent has approved a scholarship program to entice educators to teach at USB. This scholarship opportunity is mainly intended to incentivize those who are not currently licensed to teach students in a Special Education setting or who are otherwise under qualified to consider a career teaching students who are visually impaired at USDB.


Beginning July 1, 2014 and subject to availability of funds, USDB will fund three scholarships each year as long as the USDB superintendent determines the program meets the needs of the agency. The funding source will be appropriated funds for educator staffing for the School for the Blind.

Applicants are eligible to receive up to $5,000 per calendar year toward tuition reimbursement in exchange for a commitment to work as a teacher for the visually impaired (TVI) at USDB. At the request of the Associate Superintendent for the Blind, the USDB Superintendent may approve the bifurcation of one scholarship into two $2,500 “half scholarship” awards for licensed special educators who are willing to teach in hard to fill positions and who lack only the specialized endorsement to teach those who are visually impaired.

Reimbursement amounts are based on actual tuition costs and may vary per applicant. Scholarship recipients are required to provide tuition receipts and grade transcripts for reimbursement following the successful completion of coursework each term.


Preference will be given to scholars not currently employed by the Utah Schools for the Deaf and Blind and those willing to teach in hard to fill positions throughout the state. Current USDB employees may also apply.



USDB has limited scholarship funding for Utah educators and other interested parties who have committed themselves to serving blind or visually impaired students. Therefore, scholarship applicants must agree to the following:

  • For every year of scholarship funding (up to $5,000), recipients commit to serve USDB students for two (2) years following completion of their
  • For every year of endorsement-only “half scholarship” funding (up to $2,500), recipients commit to serve USDB students for one year following completion of the
  • Applicants that do not remain in a teaching position following the above stipulations will be required to repay a pro-rated amount of the funds received from USDB for tuition.
  • Scholarships are not automatically renewed in subsequent years. Applicants must reapply each year for scholarship funding to ensure availability of funds, advancement of coursework and continued priority by USDB.
  • The scholarship provides reimbursement for tuition fees No other expenses are reimbursable per state requirements (i.e. book reimbursement).
  • Those receiving other financial assistance (grants, fellowships, veterans’ benefits, scholarships, etc.) may still be eligible for the USDB scholarship. Disclosure of other grants, fellowships, benefits, scholarships, must be provided at time of application. If applicant receives any other financial assistance for tuition expenses following their application, applicant must provide disclosure to the USDB superintendent.
  • Approval of scholarship in no way commits or obligates USDB to guarantee a position, promotion, salary increase or any other opportunity once the course of study is complete.