Blind Campus Programs

Located in Ogden, Salt Lake City, and Springville

The Blind Campus Programs are specifically designed for students who show a need for intense vision services provided by teachers who are specially trained in teaching students with blindness and visual impairments. Our classrooms offer small class sizes and low teacher to student ratios to allow specially designed vision instruction. USB’s preschool and elementary extension classes hosted in local schools in Salt Lake City and Springville provide our students with mainstreaming opportunities with general education classes while providing intensive support services from USDB.

Along with Visually impaired student explores tactile pieceindividually designed instruction based on the Utah Core Curriculum, and the Essential Elements, our educational programs utilize an Expanded Core Curriculum (ECC) immersion model. 

What is an ECC immersion model?
  • The Expanded Core Curriculum (ECC) is integrated in our classrooms at a very high level.
  • Teachers work together on their campuses in a team teaching model. 
    • Each teacher is a “content” teaching expert. They teach either Math, Braille/LA, or ECC to all classes on the campus. They rotate into other classrooms to teach their focus subject. 
    • Teachers still have a “home” room and group of students. They spend most of their day with those students. 
    • The students spend most of their day with their “home” teacher, but also have another teacher entering the classroom to instruct them in other core content areas. 
    • Students also receive instruction in the ECC skills directly from ECC teachers who rotate into the classroom.
  • Teachers  work closely with one another in a collaborative team environment to support all students. 
  • This model increases support for students and teachers, allows teachers to focus on certain areas, provides students with intensive thoroughly planned instruction, and leads to a higher caliber of student instruction. 
  • Teachers are also engaging in high level curriculum planning and lesson plan development with the help of expert teachers and our own instructional staff. 

Enrichment programs and activities supplement the expanded core and offer students a variety of options and/or extra-curricular activities designed to meet the specific learning needs of our students. Short term academies as well as short weekend ECC programs, on-line academies, a college transition program and an ECC Lab (both located at our Ogden campus) are offered through our expanded core programs.  

Placement at a USB program requires an IEP team placement decision through your local school district.

USB Placement Process

Our Ogden campus is home to our Bridges Program, a residential program for students ages sixteen through twenty-one that offers a strong focus on the expanded core curriculum designed to prepare students for independent adulthood including vocational and college readiness.

Bridges Program

The new USB Bridges program replaces the STEP Program. The Bridges Program has three separate programs: Bridges High School, Bridges Community Readiness and Bridges Residential Life. All three programs are based on Utah’s Portrait of a Graduate competencies, the Expanded Core Curriculum and Utah state standards.

  • Bridges High School (9-12th grades): academic high school program with all electives based on the Expanded Core Curriculum. The end goal for Bridges High School is to award graduation diplomas.

  • Bridges Community Readiness (post-secondary): transition program for college and vocational aspiring students that have obtained their diploma or alternative diploma.This program provides individualized instruction to support students with college readiness and skills for young adulthood.

  • Bridges Residential Life: Bridges Residential Life is for students starting at age 16 years. During this program, students live full time (Sunday-Thursday) and develop their shared living skills (such as living with a roommate). Students may start Bridges Residential Life a few days a week and build up to full time living. Our focus in this program is to develop and refine skills specifically for independent living, orientation and mobility and community awareness. We consider the skills we cover in this program the “lab” work where students apply skills they learn in our campus Bridges programs.

  • Bridges Expanded Core Intensive: Students can enroll in 4 week asynchronous & synchronous ECC learning. One day is spent on Ogden campus with all other coursework over distance learning. Students work on specific skills and receive direct instruction to support ECC development.

USB is all about the ECC! Check out our new ECC website!

Expanded Core Curriculum

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